How it works

If you are looking forward to use this website, then you must know how it works by emphasizing on the following features of this website:
  1. Registration and Profile Completion:
    Before, starting to explore the matches as per your preferences, you need to register yourself with the site or mobile application. This registration process requires email as well as phone verification. To get yourself registered with the app or website, you need to register by providing the following details:
    • Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Country
    • State
    • Province
    • Mother tongue
    • Languages known
    • Religion
    Along with this, you need to provide some additional details such as height, weight, complexion body type(well built, thin, fat, medium). You must ensure that your profile is completed successfully by providing your professional details, educational details, personality traits, etc. so that your chances to get better response increases.
  2. Search for Appropriate Matches:
    You can search for your prospective soulmate, match mate or a dating partner from the search option provided on the website or app. The search option is available in three ways which include category-based, subcategory based and keyword-based search of matches. Along with this, the search functionality is also associated with the search by country area, caste, religion, profession, profile id, college etc.
  3. Fill Partner Preferences:
    You can use this feature for describing the traits you are looking for in your desired partner based on the basic information which you need to provide such as Education, Religion, etc. SoulMate: The Match Maker also provides an ability to select the traits from the checklist being provided while looking for your soulmate. Users of this website or app can keep the profile private and this functionality is available only for the paid members. The paid subscription of this website or app is based on the per day bases until the subscription is terminated from PayPal.
  4. Profile highlighting:
    This feature of SoulMate website or app allows you to show your profile on the top only on payment basis. The other person will receive the notification regarding the interest you show on the other person’s profile. However, there is a limit on the number of profiles on which you can show your interest.
  5. View Profile and Messages:
    You can view the profile of others, however, for this you have to select the package which limits the number of profiles you can view. You will send as well as receive messages only if you are a paid member of the website or app.
  6. Type of Package:
    You can choose any of the packages provided by SoulMate which include free, standard and premium packages. You will be allowed to view fixed number of profiles for a limited duration based on your current package. Standard, as well as premium package will allow you to keep your profile private and also gain chat and call facility with email updates about new matches. Free package will not provide you with these facilities.
  7. Grant Access to Another Member:
    SoulMate provides a unique feature in which you can grant access to your profile to any other member. Through this feature, another member will be able to see someone's full profile with pictures, however, this is possible if the person has selected paid membership. Moreover, we also provide unlock features for paid members which allow them to unlock some of the features of their profile to show to other paid members only.
  8. Surprise Match Notification:
    If a newest member’s interest matched with your profile then you will receive a surprise notification each day (this notification should not be seen by another user already).
  9. Nearby Notifications and Feedback:
    You will be notified whenever a person registers his/her profile in your area of interest. This would be possible only if you have marked that area in your preference list and you will receive this notification when you open the website or app. Along with this, the paid members are also provided with the ability to give feedback.